Strategies for the New Economy

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Building a New Economy with anchor institutions, triple bottom line development strategies, impact investment, crowdfunding, and more.


New Economy Systems Assessment

Work with us to assess the local community and economic development infrastructure as a whole to determine potential implementation strategies designed to support the expansion of a triple bottom line economy. These can include financing strateiges around impact investing or crowdfunding, alternative business development support, and much more.

Broad Anchor Institution Engagement

Work with us to approach large area hospitals, universities, government entities, and others to leverage their assets to help revitalize the local economy via their purchasing power, investment capital, hiring practices, construction priorities, and more. We'll design an engagement strategy, who should it bring to the table, and what are some potential opportunities other communities have seized upon.

Institutional Local Procurement

Every community should have a vibrant "buy local" program, including one that leverages the significant purchasing power of anchor institutions and other large employers. We can assist in engaging the large employers and building the support system required to create a robust buy local initiative whether it's consumer to business, business to business, or anchor-instution based.

Supply Chain Gap Analysis & Business Development

Most communities have yet to engage their large employers to identify gaps in their supply chains that can translate into opportunities to create new local businesses. We specialize in analyzing institutional supply chains and the potential forms these new entities can take; cooperatives, social enterprises, and other triple bottom line businesses.

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We support community-led economic development to create secure, sustainable, and just livelihoods for all. We understand the relationships between social justice organizing, cooperative and sustainable economic development, capital markets, and more; helping our clients to build resilient values-led local economies.

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